Sex therapist Teesha Morgan works with three Canadian couples to help make intimacy fun through creative homework assignments that you can try to!

Life is busy with work, kids, family obligations and countless events, be it a friend’s birthday, concert or office get together. For those of us who have been in a relationship for awhile, we know all to well that sex doesn’t always just happen – it sometimes needs to be scheduled in and we constantly need to put forth effort to keep things spicy…but that doesn’t mean that the time we devote can’t be totally exciting and fun. Check out the K-Y Intimacy Experiment videos and watch how three couples rekindle intimacy through a variety of cool outings and activities, you may just be inspired to try out some with your lover.

Over the next four weeks we will watch David and Ramona, Brendan and Lindsay and John and Tammy get closer, share laughter and enjoy some wonderful experiences together. We will check out their progress and also get busy with some sexy homework ourselves. In the feature below “My Homework Assignment”, you’ll see how a Shedoesthecity writer follows along with her husband. No doubt, this will be an entertaining, insightful and provocative read that will take you on an intimate journey through their daily life and under the sheets. Homework has never been so naughty and fun!