Remember the time you walked into a hole-in-the-wall café in your neighbourhood and inadvertently came across the best coffee you’d ever tasted? And the butcher you are constantly recommending to friends, the one who knows your name and always cuts the thickest, most generous slices of bacon for super-cheap? Your amazing hair colourist or pedicurist?

They all deserve props, and each year, the Montreal Mirror gives us the unique opportunity to recognize the awesomeness of our favourite Montreal spaces and people with the Mirror’s 22nd annual ‘Best of Montreal’ poll and feature. This year’s issue will be published on May 12; Montrealers are encouraged to vote online until April 13 for the best of everything in Montreal. The ballot is relatively huge (over 150 best-of options), and voters are asked to answer a minimum of 25 questions. Particularly interesting categories include ‘Montrealer Closest to Hell’, ‘Best Pick-Up Spot’ and ‘Best Busker’.

I love Jazzfest, Grumpy’s bartenders, roasted veggie quesadillas at Burritoville, local shoegaze band ‘Omaha’ and Matt & Nat vegan leather clutches. You?

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~Tyler Yank