Let the debates begin!

Dresses we LOVE!

1. Meryl Streep – can this lady be any more classy? She might be over sixty – but we think she’s radiant.
2. J-Lo – the cotton candy-esque flowing pale pink gown was a perfect shape for J-Lo’s curvy body. Although it could look like packaging fluff from a Fed-ex package, it was glimmering with just the right star quality – a dramatic and soft finish.
3. Miley…I know, I know – you may be cringing but we loved her gold bodice that elegantly fell into a fitted floor length ballerina-like gown. (like you could have looked this good as a teen)
4. Maggie G – let the controversy begin! She’s getting smacked on plenty of “MISS” lists but we liked the punch of her tropical Dries Van Noten slip accented with the bright pink lips. We always give points for being an original.
5. Demi Moore – the perfect amount of ruching and fit. Will this woman ever age? Liked the colour too – not for everyone, but she succeeds…but then she also looked mega hot as G.I Jane – apparently she’s flawless.

On the fence:

1. Diane Kruger – some are saying there was way too much going on. From the front – we love but sideways profile becomes messy. Thoughts?
2. Nicole Richie – typically a style icon for us – we felt this looked like a bit of a limp bag.
3. SJP – completely divided on this Chanel gown. Maybe it would have looked better on a woman with more meat on her bones.
4. Hilary Swank – you look hot, but is this apropriate? Ahh – who cares, we admire a daring cleavage.

NO – NO – NO!

1. Mariah Carey – what the…did you get that at Sirens? Horrible.
2. Charlize – why not just wear an ill-fitted bra on top of your dress?
3. Faith Hill – the disastrous cougar-vampire look.
4. Kristen Stewart – yawn….this does nothing exciting for your boring personality.

Thoughts? *Sigh* we miss the days when Sharon Stone came in a Gap T-shirt and Bjork was a swan….that was more fun.