Canada’s Hip Hop Garfunkel and Oates
Photos and Words by Becca Lemire

The Rhythm Method, from Halifax, played last week at Rancho Relaxo. These girls rocked out harder then some of the thugged out dudes who went on after them, and it was really refreshing to see super-talented, super-ballsy, super fun girls giving their all to entertain and have a great time up on stage. The girls are all living in different cities, and they practiced their show on Skype. This reunion made the show authentic and fresh, not over-rehearsed and tired. They had great chemistry. Egos were checked at the door and even serious hip hop fans who were there to see some of the headlining acts were laughing and bobbing their heads the entire time. It can be really inspiring seeing girls just not giving a fuck, and disobeying all “just be pretty and cute” norms. They went all in, wore matching leather and rhinestoned tacky vintage outfits, and performed songs about their VJ’s being too small and having crushes on their dads. Their comedic timing was classic. Everyone came to the front and paid attention. It was one of the best live music acts I’ve seen in a long time,and I rocked out to there CD as soon as I got home.