By Becca Lemire
Get ready to sweat, dance and shake it out this Friday July 16th because Rancho Relaxo (College at Spadina) has a kickass rock-n-roll showcase put together, just for you and your hot friends. Starting off the night is Cobra, a dirty guitar driven three-piece and Rancho MVP, Quantum Jitters, a garage-rock band with soul and surf influences who will be recording their first album that night, Cursed Arrows, a punk-rock duo who’ve received rave reviews from all over the western hemishpere and Europe, and show-closers The Best. Formerly named The Beatles, they changed their name to The Best due to legalities (pshh). This foursome of life-long friends (Tai Lee vocals and lead guitar, Jones Miller vocals and rhythm guitar, Ben R.S. bass and vocals, Tait Rowsell drums and vocals) is bringing a totally unique sound to the poor over-saturated eardrums of Toronto indie music fans. Loud n’ heavy rawk with dub-influenced bass, lyrics about love and America, a drummer so persistently on point you’ll think he has a Redbull IV, sweet guitar and vocal harmonies, and louder than loud lead vocals destined for greatness. If you’re lucky they’ll do they’re infamous Wu-Tang cover, and if you’re even luckier you’ll get to use the condom later on that comes inside their CD.