When I miss lunch, I know how hangry I am come dinnertime. But what if I had nothing to eat for lunch, breakfast or dinner, day after day? It’s not a pleasant thought.

The #FastTurkey Challenge is a wonderfully straightforward way to help out our fellow humans this Thanksgiving. Between  Wednesday September 28 and October 4, choose a day to forgo your lunch and donate your “lunch money” to the campaign. Challenge your friends and colleagues to join, or they have to buy you lunch at your favourite restaurant instead.

All proceeds from #FastTurkey will go directly towards Toronto’s largest meal program – Good Shepherd Ministries – to help feed the homeless. At Thanksgiving they work tirelessly to provide a full meal to those who can’t afford to eat, and in the last few years, they’ve witnessed a 50% increase in the number of meals and snacks served each day. At present, they’re serving more than 1300 meals daily.

Ready to help? Visit here and get started.