It’s impossible to hit every party during TIFF, so we handpicked 20 women, whose style and charisma we admire, to be our spies. They’re red carpet ready in five minutes, always on the guest list, and help bring a party to life with their magnetic personalities and endless energy. Each day they’ll report back the juicy details from the night before.

Name: Candice Chan

Describe your involvement with TIFF: Every year, my events company CANDICE&ALISON produces the Toronto Life Most Stylish event, which has become the unofficial kickoff to the TIFF party circuit. It’s one big amazing colourful catwalk of beautiful people, and I’d like to think it sets the tone high for the week of parties to come. From there, it’s relaxing time for me and I get to just attend parties as a guest!

The party(ies) you attended last night: Goodnight Gansevoort for their private Casino Night, which was very well done, Nikki Beach and then ended off at a local underground party called SYBIL in Kensington, far far away from TIFF. I needed the variety.

What did you wear? Like most ladies in my industry, I tend to gravitate to black. I knew I was party hopping from glam-TIFF to Kensington-dive, so how does one fit into both? Dress is from Bella Luxx in LA, Jacket from Aritzia, cross-body bag from Tory Burch, collar from H&M, and my comfiest 6″ heels from Aldo that I don’t mind if I destroy while dancing.

Describe the crowd using just 3 words: Gorgeous, tipsy, and very happy (that’s 4, sorry).

Hear anything interesting? Weird? Monika Schnarre and three of my beautiful model-type friends started to scare me about giving birth to a tall baby.

Most exciting or noteworthy thing that happened: Ending up in Chinatown for late night eats because none of these parties ever have enough food.

Which statement best describes the party?

  1. Best TIFF night EVER!
  2. WTF just happened? O-M-G….omg. GAHHHH!
  3. Celebrities? Who cares, we danced our asses off and met people from Denmark. So there.
  4. I liked the party favours but not sure it was really a “TIFF” party.
  5.  Party was a-ok but then shit got real at the after-after party. Er, not for the internet.
  6. I think I saw someone famous. I dunno.
  7. OB-NOXXXXXXXX-IOUS! Way too many egos.
  8. The night would have been better had I stayed home to organize my accounting. Snoozefest!

Little bit of #3 and #5.

If you could do it again, would you change anything? Nothing. My 6″ heels didn’t fail me and I danced into the wee hours of the morning.