1. Kenton Sorensen iPad Portfolio 
 A perfect package to tote an iPad in for one of the busiest, and funniest women in entertainment. Sorensen’s minimalist designs call back to his Scandinavian roots, an emphasis on longevity and functionality creates a timeless design that gets even better with age – just like Ms. Fey herself.
$200 @ Mijolk 2959 Dundas St West or at www.mijolk.ca

2. Caran D’Ache Red Metal Pen, Red Ink 
An all metal ballpoint pen with enough ink to fill 600 sheets of paper. Smooth, clean line of authoritative red ink perfect for marking up scripts. 
$17.50 @ www.kaufmann-mercantile.com

3. “Liz” frames by Yellow Plus, in crystal purple 
These stunning frames would suit the be-speckled Tina just swimmingly, and the style is aptly named “Liz” a perfect nod to our favorite self-deprecating Tina Fey character, Liz Lemon.
@Opticianado 2919 Dundas St West

4. The Cambridge Satchel, in Navy  
This high-quality, yet understated messenger bag will have best-selling author, Tina Fey, feeling classically stylish, and looking oh-so bookish… perfect to carry around notes for a potential follow-up to her hilarious book of essays, Bossypants.
$145 @A2Zane 753 Queen Street West or at www.a2zane.com

5. The Chemex Coffeemaker 
 This beautiful coffee carafe was created in 1939 by famed inventor Peter J. Schlumbohm applying his knowledge of filtration and extraction, he was able to craft the vessel that would pour the perfect cup of joe. Ms. Fey surely needs her hit of caffeine being a mother of two, as well as an NBC powerhouse producer, writer, comedienne and actress.
$45 @ www.oldfaithfulshop.com

6. Glory Hole Doughnuts, in Fried Chicken & Waffles  
 We know from her book, and her self-based 30 Rock character Liz Lemon, that Tina Fey LOVES her junk food… what could be better (or worse) then a Chicken & Waffles doughnut?! I would list off more flavors..but drool may damage your computer…
@ 416 Snackbar or www.gloryholedoughnuts.com … they deliver!

~ Louisa Cohen