Top Condoms Canada is our destination for no fuss condom delivery and exciting toys we like to play with when we’re naked. Why do we order condoms online? It’s economical, easy and we never want to open our bedside drawer during steamy foreplay only to discover that we “FUCKKKKK!” ran out of condoms. No ma’am, we stay on top of safe sex! We also keep things interesting with a variety of sex toys because, well, frankly, orgasms rule.

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A little sampling of what we’re talking about:

  • Sexy is a big mirror beside the bed and a flickering candle @topcondoms #sexyis
  • Sexy is 6am sex and then pressing snooze for a couple more hours @topcondoms #sexyis
  • Sexy is receiving a filthy sext while I’m buying groceries at Metro @topcondoms #sexyis
  • Sexy is freshly cut kiwi @topcondoms #sexyis

The possibilities are ENDLESS!! Be creative, be dirty…and you could get a naughty surprise delivered to your desk.

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