You know that sexy outdoorsman look right now that is so trendy? That handsome bearded guy who always holds an axe and gazes at the mountains for answers to deep philosophical questions? KEVIN STARTED IT! But that’s not the only reason we love him. He has made quite a name for himself this year with his sassy and hilarious commentary on and we get a good chuckle from his sarcastic tweets. And, if you didn’t know that Kevin Naulls was a style guru, now you do.

What Kevin wants for the holidays! Someone please buy him an Ally McBeal box set.

1. Nike Kevin Durant Nerf IV: Nike Store 
I am by no means a sneaker freak, but I aspire to be for some reason. With these shoes, I’ll be like that guy who carries a cockatoo on his shoulder (and I want to be that guy too).

2. Sony 46” Bravia EX620 Series HDTV: $1299.99, Sony Store 
I watch television every day (I have no shame in admitting it), but I don’t own a television (not because I’m above TV ownership—I’m not, believe me).  If someone felt particularly generous, I wouldn’t turn my nose up at this Sony TV. Don’t worry, I read books too (Mixed media! My life is like a genre of art).

3. Hudson’s Bay Company Collection Multistripe Point Blanket (Queen): $375, The Bay
Given my body type (I’m hairy), I’m often warm 365 days a year. The only time I ever feel really cold is when I’m waiting for the streetcar on a wet day, in a movie theatre, on an airplane and mornings during a camping trip (the kind of camping that happens in tents—“glamping” is a stupid word). For those moments, I’d like a Bay blanket, because, well, it’s a Bay blanket. I guess I’d like to be less sweaty too, but you can’t buy me that for Christmas (unless you’re a magician, and in that case, hello).

4. Happy Socks: $13, Theodore 1922 
Socks. I like them (a lot). When I’m not wearing sneakers, I’m usually wearing Brogues or Oxfords, and although some might say I look poncy,  I don’t really care. Some people wear a lot of bronzer and dress like a dead animal. I wear fun socks.

5. Le Creuset round dutch oven: Le Creuset at Sherway Gardens, Williams-Sonoma, The Bay 
I like to eat, clearly (in my underwear and fully clothed). I love the cold winter months because it means slow cooked comfort food is routinely in my belly. I mean, I could make my “famous chili” without Le Creuset, but I’m not sure I want to.  I really want the forest green colour, but “Ocean” would do in a pinch. I’d also like a tea kettle, a sauce pan, a mini cocotte (I don’t even know what this is), fry pan, grill pan and, er, everything (hey, it is fucking Le Creuset). 

Honourable mentions (also known as, no one is ever buying you these things):
• An original Noguchi coffee table
• A Brothers Dressler Onedge rocker
• Ally McBeal seasons 3, 4 and 5

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