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Think back, way back, what was your first memory? I have TONS…frankly, more than I thought. And they date back to the 90s. Here are just a few that come to mind:

– As teens, Toronto Eaton Centre was our Saturday eve hangout. Do you remember there used to be a movie theatre there? My girlfriends and I scared ourselves silly watching Scream in ’96. 
– When Victoria Secret opened up, I splurged on cute undies that were gifted later that evening my BFFs stagette. 
– The Japanese exchange students I hosted in grade ten loved racing around the mall. We finished the day with a root beer float at Mr. Greenjeans 
– PROM DRESS! It was a whirl of excitement when in OAC year (now non-existent) me and four friends spent a day romping around trying on dozens of dresses. No, you will not see the pics…trends have somewhat changed since ’98. *shudder* 
– When H&M opened at Toronto Eaton Centre, Shedoesthecity writers were first in line for the pandemonium. Yes, we shopped A LOT but also rocked out on the escalator with a full tilt dance party. There may have even been a change room conga line. (What we live for.) 
– This past fall, I joined students from the L’Oreal Academy on World Aids Day and engaged shoppers at Toronto Eaton Centre about what that day means to them. It was illuminating and fun to connect with strangers who were all eager to participate and lend their thoughts.  
– Nuit Blanche 2009! Remember the giant metallic rabbit by Jeff Koons that hung like a blimp all night long? That was cool. 
– The La Senza opening included scantily clad models bursting out from an enormous cake on wheels. Really, how do you top that? 
– If I had a penny for every time I tossed a coin in that fountain….then I’d have a dollar. Not sure what that means but I wish I had chronicled my wishes over the years. 
– FROYO-yo! That’s my treat when I go to the mall. I eat it, lurk around and pretend I’m a 1990s grunge mall rat.

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Happy 35th Toronto Eaton Centre, you still have that young twenty-something glow.