Hard Feelings contributes a lot to Toronto. The non-profit social enterprise is committed to supporting mental health, and they do this through a variety of ways: by offering low-cost counselling services, and through their carefully curated storefront (848 Bloor Street West) and online shop that is dedicated to books and resources to help build and sustain stronger mental health. 

They recently received a Resilient Communities Fund grant from the Ontario Trillium Foundation that has allowed them to expand their offerings, including creating a “Shop by Feelings” collection. There are six categories (Anxiety, Sadness, Curiosity, Love, Relaxation,Vulnerability), and people can click on whichever one resonates with them the most to find tools and resources to help manage those complicated and hard feelings. It’s a fun and fascinating collection to explore.

Sales in both the online shop and storefront help support the team of therapists and support professionals that work with clients to offer low-cost counselling services. This self-sustaining loop supports the Hard Feelings mission of reducing barriers and increasing access to mental health supports and resources. How amazing is this business model? 

“The pandemic has placed new psychological and emotional burdens on all Ontarians. Many in our  community have lost loved ones, are reeling from the financial pressures of job and income loss and  are dealing with the effects of social isolation on mental and physical health,” said Jessica Bell, MPP.  “A big thank you to Hard Feelings for helping to reduce barriers to mental health services in University Rosedale during this time.”  

If you are looking for unique gifts for your loved ones, or simply on a search to find resources that will comfort and help you, we highly recommend browsing the online shop, or visiting the storefront, which officially reopens to the public tomorrow.