Twerking 101 with Fannie Sosa

Wanna learn how to twerk in a sex-positive, body-positive environment?

Admit it: You can twerk and twerk all night, but you don’t REALLY know what you’re doing. None of us do. If you want to learn how to twerk dat ass for REAL, take this super fun and sexy twerkshop with Fannie Sosa!

Fannie describes her twerkshops as “a platform to share knowledge tied to our root chakra, the “ghetto of the body,” where the kundalini energy lies, waiting for you to summon her.” So it’s not just about unleashing the booty – it’s about manifesting your joyful vitality!

You’ve got two twerkshops to choose from:

Friday Setempber 4 @ Unit 2
twerk 101 QTPOC 630pm (3hrs)
sliding scale 10, 20 or $30

Sunday September 6 @ FitZonePLUS
twerk 101 OPEN TO ALL 1pm (3hrs)
twerk 201 OPEN TO ALL 5pm (3hrs)
sliding scale 20, 30 or $40

Click here to find out how to guarantee a spot.

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  1. JasbinaMisir
    August 30, 2015

    shedoesthecity FannieSosaLove I am so excited to twerk <3
    This has been my dream for years

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