U-Feast Dining Events Combine Unique Themes, Tasty Food & Great People

My wife and I were recently given the opportunity to attend a U-Feast event, unique dining experiences hosted by local restaurants. Not knowing exactly what to expect, other than a “Southern Charm”-themed dinner, we couldn’t have been more delighted with the experience.

Working with the venue’s chef(s), U-Feast concocts a theme and gives the chef artists a chance to come up with something special. They boast the events as “wallet-free,” meaning that the multiple courses, cocktails and tip are covered by the $60 ticket price.


Photo by George Pimentel

Upon arrival, we were warmly greeted by the U-Feast staff and welcomed with a beautiful bourbon-infused ice tea cocktail. Seating was family-style, with a long table flanked by several smaller ones for group bookings.

After a brief introduction, we met our fellow tablemates and immediately found ourselves charmed and delighted by the people we met. It’s so rare to go to an event (especially as a married couple) and actually meet new people. U-Feast sets a lovely, intimate space for multiple fascinating conversations to go on at the same time.

U-Feast Dining Events Combine Unique Themes, Tasty Food & Great People

Photo by Jessica Hoang

One of our tablemates was a representative from Beau’s All Natural, who provided the beer pairings for the meal (as well as some interesting tidbits on their organic ingredient sourcing). Each course was introduced and explained carefully, and the food was both delicious and beautiful to look at.

We also happened to meet Charlene from our favourite new foodie blog Chew Street. (Charlene is not only a food blogger but also a brilliant lawyer.) We also met a local author whose book I just happened to read the weekend prior! Some other new friends included members of the local restaurant scene who were wonderful dining companions.


Photo by Joee Wong

Each U-Feast is a wonderful way to not only try out a new restaurant (in this case, Thoroughbred on Richmond Street West), but also to enjoy a truly one-of-a-kind dining experience.

Upcoming U-Feasts include Mexi-Cali-, Peruvian- and Mexican-themed events. Tickets are $60, are all-inclusive and can be purchased here.


Photo by Yvonne Tsui

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