Feeling bogged down with stuff? If you want to take a step towards a waste-free lifestyle, this is for you.

Starting this February, you can shop at Unboxed Market (1263 Dundas St. W), Toronto’s first no-waste market and eco-conscious grocer. They’ll carry a selection of reusable and zero-waste products that are human-, animal- and eco-friendly. Shop the produce section, a butcher counter, and aisles of dry goods—all sold without packaging. Bulk detergent (including shampoo, soap and more from Quebec’s Pure) and milk will be sold in returnable glass bottles. At the front will be a grab & go café with a BYO-mug coffee and beverage station, freshly baked bread and treats. Scoop up a made-from-scratch, ready-to-eat meal from the market’s kitchen and bakery (without the single-use plastic packaging usually associated with grab & go).

You’re encouraged to bring your own containers, but if you forget, Unboxed will offer paper and glass containers as well as reusable packaging. The grab & go service will have the option of biodegradable containers.

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