We love the pop-up general store concept, and Muttonhead has gotten very good at popping up with sweet local goodies, and of course their own branded gear. They are at it again with a Variety Store at Paramour on Ossington, and this time the selection is even better then the last – if possible.

The shop is perfect mix of lifestyle necessities and whimsical accoutrements, including Stasis Preserves, Reunion Island Coffee &Sam James coffee ice cream bars (yum!). There’s also literature from WORN, Plaid, and Way Bad.

We adore the TORONTO hats by Handsome TO (definitely a sexy-Canadian-dude accessory) and a well groomed man is always a plus thanks to Crown Shaving Co.

We fell in LOVE with the friendship bracelets by Scout and Catalogue, and already named a few new pet rocks supplied by Sweet Woodruff (did you know that these rocks are actually alive!?)

What did I leave with, you ask? A black cropped sweatshirt with a recycled leather pocket  from Muttonhead (because bearing your midriff is in…always), and a print by Kathryn MacNaughton… of a unicorn, sleeping, in a white-bread sandwich… does shopping get much better than that? No.

So when you have stopped making out with your air conditioner, this is where you should be heading.

Mutts & Co. Variety Store July 4 – 8, from 11am- 8pm, Paramour @ 94 Ossington

~ Louisa Cohen