The email arrived with the subject, “Canadian-made Male Fertility Test in time for the holidays,” and we were intrigued. We didn’t know there was such a thing that existed (we were also a little surprised to see it pitched as a gift). 

The Male Fertility Test quietly launched in Canada last week. The new product is by Vancouver-based OVRY—who are known for their sustainable and affordable pregnancy and ovulation strips. The new test is a game-changer because it brings men into the fertility conversation. 

“As a business founded on principles of equality, transparency, and inclusivity, we think it’s important to bring men and people with sperm into the fertility conversation, and that is exactly what we intend to do with this product,” says OVRY Co-founder and CEO Jackie Rhind. “Too often we hear stereotypes of men waiting until the eleventh hour to go to the doctor, or refusing to ask for help when they need it, but when it comes to fertility, a proactive and informed approach will always yield better outcomes than avoidance.”

So, how does the Mail Fertility Test work? Similar to a pregnancy test, the OVRY Male Fertility Test produces a simple “positive’ or “negative” result. Instructions on the company website explain that to perform the test, semen is ejaculated into the sample collection cup. Once the semen sample sits for one hour, a few drops of the semen are transferred into the collection tube using the provided dropper. Once the semen is mixed with the solution inside the collection tube, a few drops are transferred out of the collection tube and onto the test device. Results show up after approximately 5 minutes. 

While sperm concentration is not the only indicator of male infertility, it is the leading indicator. The Male Fertility Test, on its own, isn’t enough to determine fertility, but it’s a good first step.

While it might not be the type of thing we wrap up with a bow and put under the tree, or dunk in our lover’s stocking, we’re glad to see that it exists. With approximately 1 in 6 couples struggling to conceive, infertility is a widespread issue. For many couples, it’s a difficult and isolating chapter, and the burden should be shared by both individuals. Not only does this step encourage partners to take action, but it also sparks important conversation. 

The OVRY Male Fertility Test launched in Canada last week and is available exclusively online at