Last month, Shedoesthecity partnered with We-Vibe to host Arouse: Erotica Writing Contest – our sexiest contest to date. We asked you to send us your dirtiest, lustiest, most sensual stories for a chance to win some extremely hot prizes. You did – and we couldn’t be happier with the submissions we received.

This week, we’re sharing the top 5 winning entries. To kick things off, here is our second runner up, Jowita B. 

You and Esther

Her name is Esther. She is small and curvy with black curly hair and pouty lips. She starts kissing you as I kneel between the two of you and take her small, beautiful cock in my hand and start moving my hand up and down its shaft. At the same time, I force your legs open with my hand and I cup your hot cunt and just hold my hand there without doing anything.

            As I move my hand up and down Esther’s cock, I feel her get harder, rock-hard. I take her in my mouth and as I do, I start stroking you gently, feel your pussy lips open up as I slip my finger inside you, get it all lubricated with your own juices and I start rubbing around your clitoris, gently but steadily, just the way you like it.

            You and Esther stop kissing and you lie on the bed with your ass up in the air. Esther and I comment on how cute your ass is.

            I look at Esther and she looks back, and then she kisses me and her lips are so soft. I feel her little teeth bite my lower lip gently. We caress your ass as we keep on kissing.

            You are quiet, anticipating what will happen next.

            “Open up, honey,” Esther says to you, moving her lips away from mine.

            I get on the bed and lie down in front of your face with my legs wide open. I ask you to lick me.

            You know that Esther is going to fuck you. You can feel her hands all over your ass, touching, spreading your ass cheeks apart. You feel the cold sensation of lube being spread on your cheeks. She is holding your cheeks wide open now, and as you lick me, you feel one of her fingers slip inside you. It’s uncomfortable at first but then you get used to it and feel the pressure turn into pleasure as she pushes her finger in and pulls it out. You feel yourself open up more. You are scared about what’s about to happen next but you are more excited than scared.

            You can smell my excitement too. I am all wet against your face as you lick me and fuck me with your finger.

            Finally, you feel the tip of Esther’s cock right at the opening of your tiny asshole; you can feel its hardness.

            “Are you ready, baby?” Esther says.

            “She’s ready,” I reply as I’m in charge of you tonight and you haven’t said the safe word. So you are. Ready.

            You moan as Esther pushes her cock deeper inside you. She stops for a moment, letting you get used to it. You think you want her to pull out but at the same time you feel yourself relaxing, opening even wider. She waits.

            “More,” you say. You want her cock to push further, you want it to fill you up. You moan and I am moaning too as you continue to fuck me with your finger.

            I say, “Open up. Open wider, love,” and you do. You relax completely despite the discomfort and as you do so, Esther pushes her cock all the way up until you’re filled with it.

            The pain and pleasure are mixed up together and you are wet – soaked – and your clit is pulsing so you start rubbing against the edge of the matters.

            I say to Esther to go slow and she goes slow, pushing her cock into you and pulling it out, pushing it and pulling it out. As you moan against me, I move back a bit and stroke myself. I want to hear you moan, I want to free your hands so that you can touch yourself while she fucks you. I want you to enjoy what is happening to you.

            I encourage you to breathe, to take it, to feel yourself, to feel her all the way inside you. She’s hard yet gentle, smooth but wide enough in your ass that there’s no mistake she really is inside you.

            I stroke myself more, faster, in rhythm with Esther’s thrusts until I come right in front of your eyes. I want you to see how much all of this is turning me on.

            Once my body stops shuddering, and I am able to speak again, I say, “You’re doing great baby, you’re doing well, come for me, come on, come for me now,” and you feel the pressure inside you increasing, growing more urgent. You’re all wet, swollen—there’s a wave of heat and pleasure, a pulse that spreads from your nipples, from where Esther is pushing inside you, from your thighs, from your clitoris that you’re rubbing as she fucks you. You’re going to cum any minute. You can hear Esther panting behind you and you know she’s going to cum too— but she waits for you to finish first. Finally, you feel all that heat and pleasure accumulate between your thighs and your whole body spasms; you’re riding the wave of your orgasm, you’re moaning loudly, you’re calling for God, “Oh God, please…” and you’re telling Esther to fuck you harder.

            I say, “Come on, baby, come on, show me, show me,” and you cum and cum…dripping, your wetness running down your thighs and Esther is panting behind you as she pulls out and you turn around and we both watch her cum, spray all over herself, her beautiful breasts getting covered in cum.