Last month, Shedoesthecity partnered with We-Vibe to host Arouse: Erotica Writing Contest – our sexiest contest to date. We asked you to send us your dirtiest, lustiest, most sensual stories for a chance to win some extremely hot prizes. You did – and we couldn’t be happier with the submissions we received.

This week, we’re sharing the top 5 winning entries. The following submission is from Katelynn Koi.

Little Red Dress

Preface: I wrote this down so I could keep the memory of being yours…

I look at myself in the mirror, dewy cheeks, a flirty smile, my hair pulled back in a messy bun. I’m wearing a silky red polka dotted dress that accentuates the small of my waist. The colour highlights my even olive complexion. I reach up to pull out my elastic and my locks fall haphazardly onto my shoulders. My fingers reach into my hair to muss it up, give it some volume. From adorable girl to coy sex kitten, it’s a quick transformation.   

Satisfied with my appearance, I walk out of the washroom to find you lying shirtless on my bed. Dark grey jeans riding low on your hip bones, sinewy body, strong shoulders, almost hairless, save for the happy trail running past your waistline. You lift your arms to prop your head on top of your hands; it gives you a better vantage point. Your eyes catch mine and lock on intensely, making sure that I see you taking me in, and you tell me I’m beautiful. I know it, but it still makes me blush to hear you say it. I look away, finding eye contact very hard now. I tell myself to get back into my body, and slowly I make my way on top of you, my knees straddling either side of your hip bones, my polka dotted dress falling softly over your stomach. I keep looking at your lips as I lean in to kiss you slowly. The kiss starts becoming hungry and I can smell the scent of your arousal. 

We were both in the process of getting ready to leave, but that thought has left the room far quicker than we would have. You tease me, asking me how I could possibly think that I would not get fucked in this little red dress. I hadn’t thought that far ahead, but that thought is now making me ridiculously wet. My insides quiver, and a tingle of excitement runs through me. I ask you to help me stretch out my shoulders. My neck has been bothering me all this time. You’ve worked on it a couple of times already, just as you’ve worked yourself into me. I grab your hands and lead them to pull my arms behind me, so that my chest pushes up and out at you. It puts me in a submissive and highly suggestive pose. You smirk at me realizing what I’m asking from you. Your head tilts down and your nose traces a path from the cusp of my breast, across my collarbone, onto my neck. You inhale my smell. You tell me to put my arms around your neck, an instruction I immediately follow. I’m on my back, and you give me the command to raise my arms. 

You’re swiftly on top of me with one arm holding both of mine locked down sharply on the bed above my head, and the other grasping below my dress. Your body is firmly grinding on me, our mouths make contact, and your tongue explores mine. I’m heavily sedated with feelings of lust. My body is yours. You know this. You peel yourself off me to take off your pants, your eyes are keeping me supine on the bed, legs spread, skirt in disarray.

We’re both breathing heavily in anticipation of what comes next. My panties are still on, but in a quick second they’re pulled to the side and we’re both relieved at first contact. I almost whimper as you plunge yourself deeper in me. My thoughts go out the window as you fuck me relentlessly. The next while is the sound of skin hitting skin. I briefly think about whether the neighbours can hear, and then I let the pleasure overtake me. 

When you pull out from me and give yourself space, I think to myself that I should go pee. I sit myself on the toilet, very much in a sex-induced daze. You start walking past me on the way to the shower. I make the mistake of making eye contact, my mouth still half open. Your cock is shoved into my mouth. I enjoy the feeling of my mouth being filled. My lips massage your shaft, licking the underside and head of your cock.

I’m still sitting on the toilet, this isn’t normally what happens when I sit here, but I’m finding explicit pleasure in the sounds of your moaning. You eventually remove yourself from me to shower, and finally I relax enough to urinate. You laugh at the sound of piss hitting the toilet. A stark change from the sex-fuelled brain of mere seconds ago.

I get up and look at myself in the mirror. My hair is wild and I have a strap hanging off my shoulder. My dress is broken. I comment on this without regret and tuck the straps into my bra. The graceful curves of my shoulders are brought to attention. I’m admiring how delicious I look after a good fuck. You interrupt my thoughts by telling me that I’m a fantastic slut. I smile to myself. I love being your little slut. 

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