Vintage Crawl Toronto is Back!

Congratulations: A justification for all those tote bags you’ve been hoarding in a lonely corner of your kitchen has arrived. It’s the next instalment of Vintage Crawl Toronto! 35 vendors will keep their doors open until midnight on Thursday, Sept. 26th. The list includes all your favourite downtown vintage purveyors, and many of them will be serving up drinks, food, and special surprises. Candy! Booze! Secondhand capes and ladders and boots and belts and bangles and more, more, more!

Begin strategizing your plan of attack now. The list of vendors is here and a map of the crawl is here. Print it out and put it in your number-one tote bag. #VCTO

Vintage Crawl Toronto 2013Thursday, Sept. 26th, 7 pm-midnight.

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