Violet Fest, a women-led, women-executed, women-focused live music event, is coming up this Saturday. Featured artists include girlongirl, Moscow Apartment, Care Failure and more. Proceeds from the event will go to Nellie’s, which provides shelter, education and advocacy for women and children.

Sista Fista (consisting of Sami Cesspool, Mary Crotchzilla, Megan Jailbait, Elena Egg and Aaron Alford) will bring their raunchy, rowdy punk rock to Violet Fest. We caught up with them this week.

Why was it important for you to play for Violet Fest?

We get a lot of “compliments” from men like, “Wow, you guys are actually good” or, “You guys play like men”… stuff like that. I don’t think people always respect what women can do. Violet Fest is important to showcase what women are capable of. We are preparing for the matriarchy.

Tell us your origin story. How did you all meet?

Mary forced Sami to start playing bass, they then forced Megan, Aaron and Elena to join the band. No one really wants to be here to be honest.

When did you realize that foul punk rock was what you needed to do?

It chose us, we didn’t choose it. Mary’s mom actually tells people not to listen to us. True story.

What can people expect from your show at Violet Fest?

Lots of talking. And maybe Elena’s bare breasts. 

SDTC: Who/what are your major influences?

SF: I think our major influence is porn. It’s very educational.

Describe your ideal Saturday in Toronto.

Staying in with some bacon grease, a shovel and a donkey. We’re pretty laid back.