This week, we trudged north to swanky Ave & Dav to watch Toronto’s most eligible bachelors and handsome husbands show off their floral arrangements in The Perry presentation centre. Toronto’s living Barbie doll, the lovely Ainsley Kerr, played host in a festive dress by Pink Tartan. (WANT! Both Ainsley’s dress and her hair. Why will ours NEVER look like that?) It was a fragrant and pretty evening where guests were invited to bid on their favourite bouquets, with all proceeds going to Rethink Breast Cancer. Aside from inspecting dramatic Lilies, the group of 100 guests were introduced to the hotly anticipated loft condos by the Mansouri sisters, Maryam and Nargues.

Hand-picked (just like the flowers!), the roster of men included Peter Saltsman, Editor at Toronto Life; Robert Weir, celebrity make-up artist; Dr. Trevor Born, plastic surgeon; Allen Chan of The Design Agency; Braden Rosner, of The Worthy 30 fame; and other swarthy characters who smelled good. 

Most of the bachelors/hubbies had not done floral arranging before—we asked—but their arrangements were exceptional (umm, we think Quince’s may have stepped in). But that doesn’t really matter, because it was all for a wonderful cause.

Further, the marble tables overflowing with vibrant bouquets and the bathtub laden with rose petals made us feel like we were at a private Valentine’s Day party on the Upper West Side, complete with smiling bachelors and platters of sumptuous passed h’ors d’euvres. Is that what life would be like, always, if we bought a loft in The Perry? 

Photos by Becca Lemire