One of our favourite dance nights occurs on the last Friday of every month at Teranga (159 Augusta Ave.), in Kensington Market. Amidst lazers and smoke machines, awesome pop tunes from every decade blast through the bar care of the good DJs at Pop Lobster. To celebrate their 6th throwdown, they set up a little puppet making workshop at the bar-and we stopped by to craft some crustaceans. Armed with socks, construction paper, felt, and pipe cleaners, and under the helpful eye of some seasoned lobster-makers, we made some seriously awesome hand puppets, then tore up the dance floor. When, sock puppets (on) hand, we checked with the bouncer that we could get back in with stamps, he gave us one look and said, “the lobsters will be enough.” AMEN! Check out Pop Lobster’s Facebook page to see what they’ll have cooked up for next time, and to listen to an awesome mix that will give you a taste of their tunes.