Sharon Ng is a very multi-talented woman and a seriously busy one. She’s an accountant by day, a fashion blogger and a mommy! Did your mom ever pose against a graffiti wall and look this cool? We *love* her experimental style that always looks so polished. In fact, Sharon always looks like walking art.

After trying on a half-dozen shades, she went for The Rockstar skinnies in bright green. Don’t these pants just make you happy? We love how both Sharon and Gloria styled this colour. Did you take finite math in high school? The looks you can create with the 18 colours on offer at Old Navy is practically endless! Which colour is most you?

Sharon started BackSeatStylers with her younger sister Tara, and they recently celebrated their 3rd anniversary. The uber cool sisters cover everything from Toronto street style to designer collaborations, local events and share what international fashion week trends they are loving. But we mostly love checking out what outfits they wore.

Okay, so between Gracie, Gloria, Hallae, Mica and Sharon we’ve seen five awesome ways to wear The Rockstar skinnies. Guess what? IT’S YOUR TURN! ON sale now for $19 until Oct 2nd. Rock it, work it, wear it, own it. DO IT!