WeeFestival is a performing arts festival designed for kiddos ages 1-6. With the stay-at-home order still in place, a lot of caregivers are struggling with how to entertain their little ones (us included). The WeeFestival is a wonderful event that sparks creativity and allows the youngest children an opportunity to immerse themselves in inspiring culture from all over the world. 

With this year’s online format, the WeeFestival is fully accessible for families all over Canada and includes shows that feature rich sensory experiences and theatrical storytelling. The WeeFestival is nurturing the creation of global BIPOC stories this year; they are dedicated to exposing very young audiences to positive, profound and impactful stories that encourage compassionate communities and children’s overall wellbeing. We think attending WeeFestival is a great way to nurture a long-lasting relationship with arts and culture. 

Artistic Director, Lynda Hill, shares “I’ve carefully selected performances that truly fill the screen with rich sights and sounds and that offer inventive, visual theatrical storytelling that is both accessible and that honours the capacities of children to engage with sophisticated artistic proposals. The shows also have themes relevant to young children including caring and respect for the natural world, friendship across cultures, expressing and communicating without words, and the cycles of life and the seasons.”

All shows have been created through seed projects, commissions, residencies, and professional development workshops and will be showcased May 17th to 24th. The purchase of a pass will grant you 8 days of streaming access to all Festival content and is recommended for children ages 2 to 3. The festival also includes programming for schools entitled A Play A Day. This is designed for children in kindergarten and grade one and allows students to take an inspiring theatrical trip around the world with 5 plays over 5 days! 

Sounds like a wonderful way to enjoy beautiful stories and art with your children next week. Head to the WeeFestival site for full schedule of programming.