Essentially – my fall wardrobe has been a mash-up of the looks featured above. It’s not terribly daring but it suits me just fine.

I think of my fashion style as a uniform – it changes season to season and includes a hint of trend but is reliant, more than anything, on classic staples that I can wear over and over again in different ways. So here’s what I’ve been wearing, take it or leave it.


Definitely, my one must have item is a leather jacket – it completes me. Last spring some asshole stole my leather jacket at Our House on Ossington. I blame myself for being at such an awful  bar. DO NOT go there. Thankfully, I got really lucky this fall when I found a jacket that looked almost identical but only rang in at $110. Perfect – ’cause I didn’t have an extra $400 to blow. It came from a place that I thought was reserved for bikini and surf wear: Billabong. Who new? I wear it with just about everything – unless I’m opting for a blazer. Anyway – thought that was worth sharing,  I’d never have walked into Billabong looking for a fall jacket but  got tipped off by a savvy high school mall rat.


The Bay’s Moon collection – it’s affordable, classic and clean cut as evidenced by the tunic dress and white tuxedo shirt pictured above. Everything is priced between $19 and $99 and launders well. It’s super easy to dress up or keep casual and suits my  routine of getting dressed in under three minutes remarkably well… I dont know about you – but I certainly don’t like fussing around in the morning.


Say hello to my Nella Bella purse. I dreamt of a purse one night  and the next day this arrived on my doorstep. I’m not lying. Nella Bella is a Canadian brand getting a ton of buzz right now and I especially love the functionality, low price points and high style factor of these handbags. The one I have is called the Taupe Japanese Paper purse and retails at $89. I will never in my life purchase a purse for over $200 – and generally think that designer purses are the most  ludicrous investment ever, so this suits me very well. 


When I’m feeling a bit more daring, or whatever, I’ll throw on some outlandish tights. These leopard print ones are from H&M, as are  the denim short shorts. Although some asshole called me a giraffe the other day, I still enjoy wearing them and my gait grows strong when I slide into something a little animalistic. RAWR.


In terms of shoes – I’m known to shop at one store, Chasse Gardee. Firstly, it’s convenient – about three hundred feet from my home – secondly, it’s owned by my friend Daniela Bosco. I like supporting entrepreneurial friends – but especially so when they have the best  taste in the city. Every pair of shoes I purchase from Chasse  Gardee stays on my feet for an entire season and is guaranteed to get the greatest compliment from the most well dressed woman in the room. Both the canvas boots and black ankle booties are Jeffrey Campbell and were on sale for less than $200.


I rarely brush my hair, never wear a bra, and sometimes throw on  rouge lipstick – and ALWAYS smoke up my eyes. Foundation is reserved  for days after drinking. I pack Benadryl in my purse because ragweed kills me and Vaseline Intensive Care is my secret weapon.