What’s better than vegetarian food? Organic vegetarian food. And Bonny’s serves just that.

By Sophie Merven
Bonny’s is a hidden gem located by Atwater Market – the next big ‘it’ neighbourhood that offers a refreshing break from trendy St. Laurent and hipsterville Mile End.

When we arrived on this fateful night, the kind waitress informed us the restaurant closed at 9 pm. We checked out watches: 8:45 p.m. She told us we weren’t to worry, they would still serve us dinner. Without a hint of sarcasm, attitude or discontent. She was genuinely happy to stay open a while longer to let us have dinner. (Not sure why they close so early – but moving on)

Wooden tables, tik chairs, funky dim lighting, a separator made out of raw wood pieces, exposed brick walls, and 80s rock music playing in the background. The whole arrangement is so perfect, I wouldn’t change a thing. For us, it was insanely romantic. For the group sitting near us, it seemed perfect for a friendly gathering.

By the time we had finished (devoured) our homemade and delicious humus (5 minutes flat), the famous Boca Burger came out. They had been kind enough to split it into two plates and judging by the size of just half a plate, I was not going to walk out hungry! The burger is made of black beans, and sits atop half a kamut bun (love the wheat-free option!), covered in home-made salsa (to-die-for) and avocado. Have you ever heard of a better mix?? On the side, a salad composed of the freshest greens imaginable (even my boyfriend noticed the freshness, and he is not usually into green food), decorated with sesame and sunflower seeds, and a mystery dressing that I can only hope to recreate at home (who am I kidding, I have no idea what was in it, only that is was de-lish!). And let’s not forget the small yet perfect amount of tri-coloured tortilla chips served on the plate, to use on the mountain of salsa covering the burger. It was one of those meals where you talk about nothing else but the food. “Oh my god that bite as so good”. “Loving the mix of flavours”. “Did you try the salsa???”. And so on and so forth.

90% of what Bonny cooks with is organic. Even better, everything is home-made. Oh and hold on, there is no microwave in the kitchen! The more the waitress told me, the more I was loving Bonny, and I hadn’t even met her. And it gets better: the prices are totally affordable. Considering the amount of fresh, organic, home-made, non-toxic food that you are getting, it’s a complete bargain!

As we finished our meal we decided Bonny’s had to become a regular spot for us to eat out. The next time you are looking for a weekend activity, come take a stroll on Notre Dame. Buy some fruit at the Atwater Market, lazily stroll into the antique shops, and head to Bonny’s. You will not regret this experience. One of Montreal’s best-kept secrets…and it needs to get out!

Bonny’s – 1748 Rue Notre Dame Ouest – (514) 931-4136 – http://www.bonnys.ca

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