Author | Photo Sarah Anne Johnson at Stephen Bulger Gallery

Wonderlust at Stephen Bulger Gallery explores sexual intimacy through photography

If you could capture the feelings, intensity and complex emotions of your sex life in an image, what would it look like?

Intertwined bodies, thrusting, riding, bent, tangled, juice, scent, spit, sweat: the act of sex provides a pleasing array of physical characteristics for a camera lens to capture, but how do you capture the energy? The wandering or fixated mind? The connectedness and electricity, or lack thereof, between two individuals? The vulnerability of one and power of another?

In her exhibition “Wonderlust”, opening at Queen West’s Stephen Bulger Gallery on March 1st, photographer, and artist, Sarah Anne Johnson sets out to “explore the internal world of sexual intimacy.”

Johnson travelled to several cities to photograph her subject in their homes during the day. Some were snapped solo in the buff, while others were willing to invite her to document their sex up close. (Would you let her watch you do it?)

Johnson then worked on the prints in her studio; the result is variegated images that demand careful viewing. Several works simultaneously evoke both a state of tranquility and explosion of energy. Which is what happens, and feels so good, when we fuck like dirty animals on a quiet Sunday afternoon.

Would you like one of these to hang above your bed?

Wonderlust” runs March 1-29, 2014
Opening reception, Saturday, March 1 from 2-5pm
Stephen Bulger Gallery
1026 Queen Street West

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