Shampoo, nail polish, chocolate, shoes: these are things that regularly show up on the doorstep of Shedoesthecity. So when we opened the door to find an exciting array of Indian cooking sauces and asked to cook up a feast, we were both curious and delighted. We always welcome something different to spice things up. (Pun absolutely intended.)

Not sure about you, but when we’re craving comfort food, butter chicken and saag paneer are often what we turn to. Truth be told, as much as we like to make things from scratch, Indian is usually something that we order for delivery or take-out. This time, when we had a hankering for Korma, we turned to our collection of Sharwood’s sauces instead.

Here’s what we did in about 20-30 minutes that had the entire house smelling like our trip to Kerala.

Lamb Korma
Minced lamb, browned in a little oil, then cooked with the Sharwood’s Korma sauce. SIMPLE!
Butter Chicken 
Chicken, browned in a little oil and then cooked in the Sharwood’s Butter Chicken sauce. EQUALLY AS SIMPLE!
Shrimp Biryani

Shrimp, cooked in a little oil, then we added the Biriyani spices, then added rice, water, and the Sharwood’s Coconut and Curry Leaf Biriyani sauce. TWO EXTRA STEPS, BUT STILL SUPER EASY FOR PEOPLE WHO DONT COOK!

While my man monitored the stove, I ran to the corner store to buy naan and Alphonso mangos for dessert.The result was a delicious dinner, full of variety, that was totally easy to make.

Next time when you reach for spaghetti sauce consider a Sharwood’s Indian sauce instead. (THERE ARE EIGHTEEN TO CHOOSE FROM! So many that we should have done a “WHICH #SharwoodsCA INDIAN SAUCE R U???” quiz.

Sharwood’s cooking sauces retail between $4.79 – 4.99 per bottle and are available at most grocery stores. For recipes and a full range of products go here.