What’s better than celebrating Valentine’s Day by belting out your favourite sad, sad love song in front of a bar full of people? Doing it at Jun Jun, which is hand’s down the weirdest/strangest/coolest karaoke bar in the city. 

The inside of Jun Jun looks likes a tropical scene out of a David Fincher’s brain. The whole place is painted to make you feel like you’re on some sort of island terrace, which is just as weird as it sounds, especially once you add the lasers. Then shit gets real. The ladies from everyone’s favourite alternative fashion journal, WORN, are bringing their annual heartbreak karaoke jam to new heights by choosing possibly the  most appropriate venue ever.

As usual, you’ll pick your favourite tear-jerking love song, and the proceeds from the night will go to support WORN, an independent publication. They’re trying to purchase their own lighting equipment, which will mean more amazing fashion editorials, so yes please. 

WORN Fashion Journal Presents Heartbreak Karaoke
Thursday, Feb. 14th, 9 pm
Jun Jun, 374 College St.
$7 cover, $5 if you’re wearing red or pink.
$1 per song, jump the line for $10, Celine Dion songs are $5.