Yorkdale’s New Parking Concierge Is Set To Cure (Most Of) Your Holiday Headaches

Lord knows we love to shop. But trying to find a parking space in the pre-Christmas rush? Forget about it. Now, Yorkdale Shopping Centre is about to eliminate a huge portion of your holiday headaches with its new holiday parking services!

Beginning on Black Friday and every weekend leading up to Christmas, Yorkdale’s Parking Concierges will be available to assist you as you enter the property and direct you to parking areas with the greatest availability. And even though they have more than 8,000 spaces, it’s still good to have the inside track about what’s free.

Their services will include:

Parking Support Line
Beginning November 20th, shoppers can call the Yorkdale Parking Hotline at 416-256-PARK (7275) from a hands-free device to reach a Parking Concierge that will direct them to a parking area with the most availability. The parking support line closes on December 31st.

Virtual Parking Support
Shoppers can search here to see where the greatest parking availability is prior to or upon their arrival. Yorkdale’s virtual Parking Concierge can be messaged through Yorkdale.com for more personal support prior to arrival.

Valet Parking
This holiday season, Yorkdale will be opening a third parking valet near The Cheesecake Factory on November 20th. Other valet bays exist off the southern Yorkdale Road near Holt Renfrew and at Nordstrom’s underground parking lot. Valet parking is available for $15 and includes a bag valet option that will store bags until the vehicles are ready to be claimed.

Ridesharing Pick-up/Drop-off Bays
On November 13th, Yorkdale will launch designated pick-up and drop off bays to make ridesharing to and from Yorkdale easier than ever. The three-designated pick-up and drop off bays will be located at Shoppers Drug Mart, Nordstrom and Holt Renfrew entrances.

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