Who doesn’t love The Shining? Maybe people who haven’t seen it. Young Lions Music Club is paying homage to the brilliance of this iconic masterpiece by throwing a party themed on the film.

The party will take place on September 7th at a secret location, named The Overlook Hotel, and artists and musicians will create an ambience of “fantastic/horrific forebodings.” We hate having to wait ’til Hallowe’en to feel all spooky-scary with a beer in hand. THIS IS THA BEST!

Absolutely Free and ALX will perform, with DJ selections by Paradise Animals. Artwork and installations by Sarah Cannon and Eric Wichman will help set the mood. For directions, check out the Facebook event.

Tickets are $10, available at Soundscapes and Rotate This, or online here

See you there, and remember: “All work and no play makes TIFF a dull boy.”

~ Haley Cullingham