Chips and dip? Nutella and your dirty finger? Weed and pizza? Vodka and box wine? Woman, whatever your filthy little craving is, get it organized pronto because this weekend you’re joining us for an utter binge. (But not the kind that leads to 12 “I’m so sorry” texts.) (Well, potentially, but let’s hope not.)

If you’re not up to speed, chill. Season 4 of HBO’s GIRLS is now available for download. Go digging for your ultimate loungewear, and cozy up for a weekend full of awkward boners, raging jealousy, cringeworthy ‘romance’, bitch face, bush, horrifying texts, hard nipples and heavy Mom convos.

Our girl Liza Feliza will be hosting a gathering in her living room with her new roomies. (Do they know yet, Liza?) We’re sending them booze, peanut butter and tank tops: all the essentials for a TV party. They’ll be tweeting and instagraming from @Shedoesthecity. Follow them (and half the bloggers in America) with #GirlsAThon #Girls4Digital.

For those who are way behind, the Girls season 4 trailer is your homework. And head to the HBO Shop for your own Girls swag. (Guys, we know you want some Hannah Hunter Green nail polish, or are you feeling more like Jessa Bohemian Burgundy? #MajorDecisions)