Youtube Stars are Coming to Toronto for Buffer Fest

Buffer Festival is a multi-day theatrical event that showcases the best creative work from video creators on YouTube. The 1st annual Buffer Festival will be held November 8-10, 2013 in multiple theatres across the entertainment district.

That means that all your favourite Youtube personalities such as DailyGrace, Hannah Hart, Prank Vs. Prank and even more will be in Toronto this upcoming weekend. From panels to meet-ups, there’s a lot going on.

Top 5 events to check out:

The Holy Trinity of Comedy

Hosts: Grace Heilbig, Hannah Hart & Mamrie Hart (no they are not related)

Friday November 8th at 3pm

Daily Vloggers

Hosts: Craig Benzine & Grace Heilbig

Friday November 8th at 5pm

Tech on Youtube

Host: Chris Pirillo

Saturday November 9th at 11am

Women of Youtube

Hosts: Meghan Tonjes and Bryarly Bishop

Sunday November 10th at 1pm

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Sunday November 10th at 7pm

Tickets are available online here. 

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