I love secondhand clothing. I love vintage secondhand clothing even more. And honestly, WHO DOESN’T? If you’re hankering for some unique, previously loved pieces to keep your style original and fresh, here are ten great vintage stores that will help you fill your closet.

Thrill of the Find—1172 Queen Street East
In business for about eleven years, this Leslieville treasure stocks upscale, hard to find vintage designer clothing and accessories. Keep in mind that the prices reflect the rarity of the pieces, so come here with your (vintage) pocketbook at the ready.

Courage My Love—14 Kensington Avenue
Get ready to spend your entire afternoon browsing through drawers of beads, stockings, or ogling the extensive jewellery selection. This beloved Kensington Market shop is chock full of must-have vintage dresses, hats, and very reasonably priced shoes. If you’re near Kensington Market, make it a point to visit this gem of a store and its very friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Gadabout—1300 Queen Street East
This is the store to go to when you’re in need of pieces like a well-maintained Edwardian silk taffeta day-dress (and, really, aren’t we all?). The clothing on display in this store will make you feel as though you’ve stepped into a time machine, from the 1800s to the 1970s. The displays are gorge, and the assortment of items is vast enough to keep you coming back over and over just to keep track of what the store has to offer! Come here for the clothing, stay for the knick knacks!

Black Market—256a Queen Street West
If you grew up in Toronto, chances are Black Market introduced Teen You to the wonders of vintage. Slightly on the grungy side (in a dimly lit basement), it’s still the place to go to find outrageous vintage fashion. If you’re looking for costumes, you’ll definitely find them here. Additionally, the selection of affordable band t-shirts is extensive! Check out their across the street basement space for even better deals.

Tribal Rhythm—248 Queen Street West
I bought a very cute dress here a couple of weeks ago for FIVE DOLLARS. If you’re looking for cute, affordable vintage clothing (organized by era, no less), this is a great place to shop. I often stop in here on my way home from work to see what’s new. The selection is great, and the prices are right.

Cat’s Meow—180 Avenue Road
This upscale vintage store is the place to go when you’ve decided to TREAT YO’SELF. You will undoubtedly fall head over heels in love with the selection of beautifully made, unique designer dresses (in mint condition), so come prepared to shell out big bucks for the lovely pieces in this store. Keep in mind, the vintage prices are still much cheaper than the originals!

Bungalow—273 Augusta Avenue
Mixed in amongst the new clothing pieces is a very well-organized and reasonably-priced selection of vintage items. This store is spacious and friendly, and houses home decor and retro furniture pieces as well. This store is so nicely put together, you’ll hardly realize you’re in a vintage store at all (until you look at the prices!). Come here for a one-stop shop to decorate your apartment AND your body.

Stella Luna—1627 Queen Street West
Besides its killer selection of vintage items, this store boasts a notoriously friendly and knowledgeable owner, Janice Coupland, whose valuable eye has amassed a collection of unique pieces at accessible prices. You’ll rarely walk away from this store empty-handed. If you’re in Parkdale, check out this quirky store’s sale rack outside on the sidewalk!

Mrs Huizenga—28 Roncesvalles Avenue
The clothing at this store is interspersed amongst an impressive collection of vintage furniture. You’ll have to allow yourself some time to be taken in by the selection of vintage items (toys, housewares and buttons!), but an afternoon in this quaint shop will definitely reinforce your love for vintage shops and all the unique things they have to offer! Come on the first Sunday of the month at noon or the third Thursday of the month at 6pm for their auctions! Yeah, that’s right, auctions!

Jack Lux Pop Up Shop—536 Queen Street West
In Toronto for a short time only, Jack Lux has opened a pop-up shop on Queen West with a selection of over 200,000 vintage pieces. Check out some of their collection, here. This shop plans to operate for three months, so stop in there as soon as you can to get the best deals on some great stuff before it’s all gone!

If you’re out shopping this week (or any week, really) we’ll probably run into each other. We can mourn the loss of our paychecks together in our super cute vintage outfits. We look great, by the way.