Canadian Comedian Debra DiGiovanni's Single Awkward Female is out on DVD January 17th

We are suckers for some good comedy. And as it turns out some of the best comedians as of late are females. Girl power, sisters.

We fell in love with Debra DiGiovanni on MuchMusic’s Video on Trial. She’s literally pee your pants funny. You almost need to watch her in private because the following symptoms may occur; drink spraying out of your nose as you buckle over,  silent tears rolling down your face and wheezing coming from your lungs as you lose oxygen due to laughter. So lucky for us we can now experience Debra’s full comedy tour routine on DVD. This means the experience is UNCUT and in the protection of our own homes.

Debra’s show Single Awkward Female is being released as a 60 minute DVD, coming out January 17th. So if you didn’t get to see her on tour, get the DVD. And if you saw her on tour but had to control your laughter, get the DVD.

She’ll enrich your life with stories of dating, dieting and love. And of course, being a Canadian female, she will obviously comment on Bieber mania. As a Canadian comedian, it’s clearly her duty.

~ Lindsey Peterson

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