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Jess and her razor

My Complicated Relationship With My Body Hair

I began reminiscing recently about my early days of body hair removal and it made me wonder what originally motivated me to shave, pluck, depilate, and wax (accidentally once by ripping a bandage from my skin and a large patch of thigh hairs with it). Like other persons who identify as human, I do experience… Read More »


How To Survive A Vacation With Your Ex

What started as an impromptu weekend getaway to Washington, D.C., (where I hoped to fulfill my House-of-Cards-fantasy of sleeping with and being murdered by a congressman), quickly turned into a vacation with my ex-boyfriend. The particulars of how we got to that point are not important, what matters only is that I survived to tell… Read More »


DIY: Quick Knit Mug Warmer

30 minutes / Beginner-knitter / $13 If you’re a knitter you will probably already have most of these items lying around your house. Since it doesn’t use a lot of yarn, this is a really great project for using up old yarn that you might have! Steps: Cast on 8 stitches Knit using garter stitch… Read More »


Sober Bride: Why I Quit Drinking the Year I Got Married

A toxic relationship with alcohol… I had always hoped that, one day, I would quit drinking. After countless two-day hangovers, many drunken stupors, and some major regrets, I knew I couldn’t keep doing this to myself. Growing up with an alcoholic father was inexplicably painful. To make things worse, my family didn’t even talk about… Read More »