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A tarnished icon & the mobilization of a united front

Last Saturday, Jian Ghomeshi was known to most Canadians as a beloved radio host, an intelligent voice, and a respected leader in Canadian broadcasting. Just 5 days later, he is viewed as a predator, a misogynist, a sociopath, and a violent monster. The free-fall of Ghomeshi’s once-spotless reputation has been remarkable. But as the ex-CBC host’s popularity continues… Read More »


Memoirs of a Sneakerhead

If you see me walking down the street, chances are I won’t make eye contact with you. It’s not because I’m self-consciously looking at the ground or superstitiously avoiding cracks, it’s because I’m staring at your sneakers. Sneakers are the ex-boyfriends I never got over. Some were more memorable than others, like the adrenaline-fueled high-top… Read More »

brianne copy cat

How To Deal With a Copycat

I’m inspired by so much awesomeness in the world: Danielle LaPorte’s blog, Mindy Kaling’s everything, the clothes Angelina Jolie wore in The Tourist, Taylor Swift’s ability to shake things off, the righteous mac ‘n cheese I ate yesterday. But there’s a big difference between being inspired by someone to get your inner juju and creative… Read More »

Jess and her razor

My Complicated Relationship With My Body Hair

I began reminiscing recently about my early days of body hair removal and it made me wonder what originally motivated me to shave, pluck, depilate, and wax (accidentally once by ripping a bandage from my skin and a large patch of thigh hairs with it). Like other persons who identify as human, I do experience… Read More »