elLOVE SmartVibe

by Annie Oakley

The last time I was browsing at Good for Her, the manager Alison greeted me with a box in her hand. “You’re going to like this one,” she said, smiling. “It’s German.” Everyone knows the Germans are wonderful engineers, so I peered at the elLOVE SmartVibe with interest. “Sehr gut,” reads the package. This means “excellent” auf Deutsch.

The toy is smooth and bright purple, and the design on its base looks almost sporty, so I’m automatically feeling pretty athletic as I jog upstairs to my bedroom to try it out as soon as I get home. It’s got + and – buttons so you can vary the intensity of the vibration with eight different modes, and the silicone material gives the toy a somewhat giving feel. But that’s not what makes this vibe so special. Get this: it’s got a turbo booster.

At first I figured a turbo boost would be no big deal, I mean, it’s just like turning it up a bit, right? Wrong! This is the most powerful vibe I’ve ever used, especially because even when it’s at its highest setting, you can turbo boost! And if you like vibration at a lower setting, the turbo boost still really helps to get you over that orgasm plateau. You know when sometimes you’re sooo close but can’t quite get there? This toy takes care of that little problem; I found myself holding back from coming to prolong the magic.

It’s 100% waterproof so you can take the SmartVibe in the bath: we had a romantic time together in the tub, where I discovered how good it feels on your nipples. You can use the vibe externally as a clitoral stimulator, but it’s definitely built for vaginal insertion–it vibrates less at the top than at the bottom, where it really counts, and the contoured head could be what makes you discover your G-spot.

The Germans are a remarkable and industrious people, and I must say, they make a mean vibrator. Thank you Deutschland, for lederhosen, pilsener and the elLOVE SmartVibe.

Pick up theelLOVE SmartVibe at Good for Her at 175 Harbord St, or online at goodforher.com.


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