Headspace, a new app for Mindfulness

Summer means countless beach days and après-work Trinity-Bellwoods hangs, right? Sure, but that doesn’t mean that there is no stress to be found until September. Endless invitations to weddings and baby showers, vacation planning, visiting family, skipping the gym over and over (and over) to beer binge topless at Hanlan’s – certain things can weigh on our minds. That’s why Toronto family physician Dr. Matt MacDonald recommends the mindfulness and stress management app, Headspace.

In case you haven’t heard of it, mindfulness is a tool used to manage stress by training the mind to keep calm in any situation. Headspace is offering a free ten-day trial where users can try a different ten-minute meditation each day. The app offers different styles of meditation techniques that are suited to all types of lifestyles and moods.

Mindfulness is a challenge, but the results are incomparable. This app gives you the tools you need to get practicing and get mindful so you can have the carefree summer you’ve been waiting for all year.

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