Hire Crewmen & Co. as the Perfect Hunky Touch to a Bachelorette, Birthday, or Girl's Weekend

Crewmen & Co. are the stuff dreams are made of. (Well, mostly the dreams yogurt and chocolate commercials convince us we have, but still good.) A team of sexy guys who are hireable and desirable for your next special event. 

You can book this gaggle of handsome gentlemen for a variety of tasks: Get them to bartend your party, host a cocktail tutorial at your house, or even carry around your shopping. Yes. Seriously. Imagine the possibilities. This is an amazing gift for a brides-to-be, birthday gals, or newlywed dudes. Throw some spice into the next stagette you throw, or make a girl’s day seriously interesting, by hiring Crewmen & Co. as both help and decoration. 

Crewmen & Co. come in two flavours (THEY’RE MAKING IT TOO EASY), Classy and Sassy, so no matter what the tone of your event or temperament of your guest of honour, Crewmen can suit your needs. Classy Crewmen come in freshly pressed white dress shirts, trousers, and bow ties. Sassy Crewmen come in bow ties, briefs and aprons. Oh yeeeah. Even Elton John is a fan. 

~ Haley Cullingham

Photos by Becca Lemire (Click to Enlarge)

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