Invest in Yourself: SWIM Women’s Leadership Bootcamp at The Spoke Club

What if one day could change your life? Janet Kestin and Nancy Vonk are the co-founders of SWIM Creative Leadership, co-authors of Darling, You Can’t Do Both (And Other Noise To Ignore On The Way Up), and trailblazing giants in the world of advertising, most recognized for pioneering Dove’s campaign for Real Beauty. They are women you want to learn from.

Companies like Google, Facebook & Refinery 29 bring Kestin and Vonk in to conduct leadership sessions with their management teams. On June 12th, they’re trying something new: They’re offering a 1-day intensive leadership bootcamp for women, hailing from a variety of professions, at The Spoke Club. It’s an incredible opportunity, in an intimate setting. Guess what? You’re invited. 

The ticket price isn’t cheap ($495), but we know that the wisdom and insight you’ll receive is priceless.

Here’s some info that we’ve clipped from the eventbrite page:

The Swim Women’s Leadership Skills Bootcamp takes a sledgehammer to invisible barriers between you and your goals — from the universal impulse to play the “pleaser,” to a lack of mentoring. Whether you work in a smart, small business, are living life as an entrepreneur, or making your way in the corporate jungle, you should be here. Join us for a challenging, fun day of dynamic conversations and workshops in an intimate setting.

You’ll leave with:

  • Storytelling skillsthat will give you new powers of persuasion to get what you want. Once upon a time, a story was used to put you to sleep. Today, it’s what will get you the promotion.
  • Greater ability to connect with everyone who is key to your success through – wait for it – your ears. Listening skillsare the secret weapon for Oprah, the world’s top leaders, and you.
  • Insights and tools to get over hard-wired “pleaser” behaviours that hold you back. How to prevent death by yes, navigate conflict, establish boundaries and actually have a life.
  • Mentoring and “reverse mentoring” strategiesthat will make your mentee’s career, and your own.
  • A new mentorin your life.

You know what we don’t do enough of? Investing in our professional lives. Woman, it’s time. Sign up; this is a game-changer and life-shifter.

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