In a world that continues to be confused about the meaning of consent, there is always hope for the younger generations. That’s why Canadian Foundation for AIDS Research (CANFAR) partnered with arts-based youth performance group SExT: Sex Education by Theatre to release “Bodak Consent,” a new music video highlighting topics like consent, safer sex practices and HIV/STI prevention.

Released today, “Bodak Consent” is a rap parody based on Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow,” with the lyrics re-written by SExT cast member Lauren Chang to teach youth about consent.

The music video functions as an arts-based public health and sexual health educational resource made by youth for youth. As leaders and advocates of youth educating youth since 2014 (and in light of the recent Ontario sex-ed curriculum repeal), SExT, alongside CANFAR, is encouraging everyone to follow along and participate in the conversation online using #BodakConsent.

SExT provides a safe space for youth to develop as artists and advocates in their own communities, speaking on issues like consent, racism, homophobia, HIV, STIs, pregnancy, cyberbullying, domestic violence and mental health through a compilation of sketches, songs, poems, raps and dances.