Full disclosure: we love the idea of a single-serve coffee maker. There’s nothing lovelier than starting our mornings with a hot cup of coffee made in the comfort of home. Especially, in the face of adversity like severe winter conditions (the first major snowfall still has us in shock) and having to put on pants.

But, as wonderful as a pant-less morning can be, convenience isn’t everything. For the last while, we’ve been feeling pretty guilty about using our single-serve coffeemaker; there’s just so much waste. How can we pride ourselves on being eco-conscience and use that thing on the daily? So, we were stoked to learn about OneCoffee’s NEW, 99% biodegradable, organic AND fair trade single-serve coffee.

Created by BC-based Cantenbury Coffee, their goal is to make OneCoffee 100% compostable, and they’re currently working with commercial composters to figure out how their product can be treated by municipal organic waste programs. They’re the real deal, guys.

Like us, over 38% of Canadians use single-serve coffee makers and average 10 coffees per week, so just think of how many used pods are being tossed into the garbage bin EVERY SINGLE DAY. Do the math, ‘cuz we don’t want to.

A perfect marriage of eco-friendly practices and delicious, convenient coffee, OneCoffee is available at grocery stores across Canada for $9.99 for a box of 12, and can be used with ALL K-Cup® compatible coffee makers!


We’d like to caffeinate one lucky reader with 5 boxes of sweet, fair trade pods! To enter, tweet us: “Hey @Shedoesthecity, I love coffee and hate waste, please send me a month’s supply of #OneCoffee pods!