The Broadbent family is having a moment in Toronto.

In April, sisters Joy and Rose (the Broadbent Sisters) were the official hosts of AGO Massive. This past Tuesday, artist Justin Broadbent (their brother, the middle child) acted as Art Director for the Gardiner Museum‘s inaugural SMASH party. Red paint runs through their blood.

Familiar with Justin’s talent and sense of humour, we anticipated that SMASH would be a smashing (heh) success, and it was.

Adrienne Crossman, The Doodys, Thrush Holmes, Kathryn Macnaughton, and Tyler Sammy: SMASH brought together a wickedly cool mix of Toronto’s hottest young artists. The theme of the night was Instant Classic, mixing a 90s vibe with our contemporary culture’s obsession with the instantaneous and our appetite for a life that imitates art.

Guests sipped wine while taking in a lively performance of classic schoolyard Double Dutch by the Lincoln Leapers, and attempted to recreate the fancy footwork while dancing to late-night spinning by DJ Bambii, taking breaks to enjoy mini sprinkle donuts and freezies.

Pottery parties are where it’s at; especially when we’re all, y’know, smashed.

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