by Annie Oakley

So there’s a bunch of stuff that can be annoying during sex: that funny farting sound between your two bodies, a headboard that won’t stop creaking, your hair looking like Tina Turner’s circa 1985. Well, there’s nothing worse to me than lube that gets sticky after a while—you know, it kind of dries up and gets clumpy? Dry and clumpy are precisely the kind of adjectives you never want to apply to your sex life. And so, I present my latest find: Sliquid Organic Natural Lubricant.

This lube is glycerin-free, which is ideal for the ladies because glycerin is a sugar derivative, and can promote microbe growth and yeast infections. It’s also paraben-free—parabens are widely-used chemical preservatives that have recently been associated with increased breast cancer risk. A ton of drug store lubes contain this stuff, so keep an eye on what you’re buying. But enough of what this lube doesn’t contain; what it does contain is natural organic ingredients that you recognize, like water, plant cellulose, aloe and Vitamin E.

Even more important to me than the ingredients of a lube is how it stands up in the boudoir, and this lube is exactly what you want it to be: wet and slippery. It doesn’t get sticky, and it’s great for both vaginal and anal play. Sliquid doesn’t even taste bad, in fact it tastes like nothing at all, which is fabulous compared to the bizarre mint and strawberry concoctions that are out there.

Lube is one of the sex products that can legitimately make your sex life better, by making it wetter. You can pick up Sliquid Organic Natural Lubricant at Good For Her (175 Harbord) or online at



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    March 15, 2011

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  2. Anonymous
    May 5, 2011

    Is that normal? Did it happen to you? I also found it sticky.

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