Summer 2012 Instagram Bingo

Fall is here, the lattes are hot, and everywhere we look, summer is not. Oh sigh. This summer was characterized not only by our collective swooning in the city sunshine, but by our collective capturing of said swoon on Instagram. And we couldn’t help but notice some trends. So, without further ado, She Does The City Summer 2012 Instagram Bingo.

1. A bourbon-based cocktail on a patio at a bar without a sign, with an upside-down sign, a reclaimed wood sign, or a sign made of hammered tin.
2. Fish tacos you waited two hours for, with zero regrets.
3. The ferris wheel at the Ex.
4. You eating something disgusting in front of the ferris wheel at the Ex.
5. The view of the skyline from the Toronto Island.
6. Nail art clutching a tall can in Trinity Bellwoods.
7. You snuggling in someone else’s striped shirt at a free outdoor film screening, around a bonfire, or at a street food festival.
8. A chalkboard menu sign for a food truck.
9. Someone you love leaping majestically off a high object into a lake, with blurred filter to obscure nip slip.
10. Old-timey decor at a Pop Up Shop.
11. A friendship-bracelet arm party.
12. A homemade mojito with mint picked from your own herb garden.
13. Thrifty objects at a rural flea market.
14. Someone you love in a straw fedora.
15. An awesome photo of an older relative against a backdrop of ’70s cottage decor, looking like a bauce.

Summer, we miss you already!!!

~ Haley Cullingham

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