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You Don’t Need to Inspire Others to Inspire Others

Love her or hate her, you gotta admit, it must be weird to be in Lena Dunham’s shoes. I can’t think of too many people her age whose every action and utterance is held up to such intense dissection. This has been happening since the very beginnings of Girls, when Dunham’s alter ego, Hannah, high,… Read More »


How I Learned to Let Myself Cry

So here’s what my day looked like: I got up, ate a really healthy breakfast consisting of dark chocolate and yogurt, turned the shower on and turned it off immediately because ain’t nobody got time for that, packed up my homework into my bag and tried to leave the house three times before realizing I… Read More »


How to Hustle Your Way to Success in the Big City

“You’ve gotta hustle.” —Me, pre-Toronto relocation, circa 2010 As a self-employed artist living in the Big Smoke, I now totally get how this small piece of advice can feel more like a curse than sage counsel. Until recently I’ve resented the sentiment; it seemed too hollow and unauthentic—scampering from place to place chasing down jobs,… Read More »


Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Still a Waste of Time

Had I known how cool it can be to be in your 30s, I wouldn’t have approached it with such trepidation (read: sheer terror). I mean, yes, there is that whole realization-of-one’s-own-mortality thing. That’s a bummer. But there’s also more self-confidence, less caring about others people’s opinions, and some seriously great sex. (At 29, I… Read More »


Loving and Leaving New York

I was twelve years old when I decided I would live in New York. I can’t really say why. Maybe I was watching too much Must See TV (I was obsessed with Friends), maybe I had watched When Harry Met Sally too many times, maybe I just liked imitating the Noo Yawk accent a bit… Read More »


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