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How to Hustle Your Way to Success in the Big City

“You’ve gotta hustle.” —Me, pre-Toronto relocation, circa 2010 As a self-employed artist living in the Big Smoke, I now totally get how this small piece of advice can feel more like a curse than sage counsel. Until recently I’ve resented the sentiment; it seemed too hollow and unauthentic—scampering from place to place chasing down jobs,… Read More »


Why Comparing Yourself to Others is Still a Waste of Time

Had I known how cool it can be to be in your 30s, I wouldn’t have approached it with such trepidation (read: sheer terror). I mean, yes, there is that whole realization-of-one’s-own-mortality thing. That’s a bummer. But there’s also more self-confidence, less caring about others people’s opinions, and some seriously great sex. (At 29, I… Read More »


Loving and Leaving New York

I was twelve years old when I decided I would live in New York. I can’t really say why. Maybe I was watching too much Must See TV (I was obsessed with Friends), maybe I had watched When Harry Met Sally too many times, maybe I just liked imitating the Noo Yawk accent a bit… Read More »


The Pregnancy Files: The Waiting Game

A woman’s due date is a guesstimate at best. It gives the mom-to-be, and everyone around her, something to fixate on, to feel comforted by. If a baby arrives before his or her due date, they’re considered “early.” If baby comes after, well then, by god, they’re “late!” This labelling, in itself, puts a weird sense… Read More »


Five Tips for Surviving an Unstructured Work Environment

As I type this, I have flakes of croissant all over my body—I just brushed one off of my shoulder. And that, my friend, is the victory motion of the perpetually-business-displaced: those of us whose work situation doesn’t require us to appear in a cubicle at a certain (or, any) time of day. And while… Read More »


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