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Depression and Me: Understanding That Not Everyone Understands

It seems fitting to me that a man who, in life, sometimes couldn’t seem to stop talking, has, in death, incited so much dialogue. You know who I mean. Anne spoke about Robin Williams and the grieving process in her wonderful post yesterday, noting the touching tributes that have already been written. A lot of these… Read More »

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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Most of the people who’ve saved my life don’t know it. Some were babies who have fallen asleep in my arms, keeping dark thoughts at bay. Some were artists I’ll never meet. Some were friends who inadvertently said or did just the right thing at the right moment. And I often wonder about all these… Read More »

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My Journey with The Desire Map

Truth be told, I’m not much of a goal-setter. Don’t get me wrong: I’m ambitious as all get-out. Yes sirree, I have mighty BIG plans for myself. Plans and benchmarks and intentions, I have in spades. But when it comes to those five-year plans? Ugh. No thank you. An overwhelming sense of anxiety (and nausea)… Read More »

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Money Isn’t Romantic—Talk To Your Partner About It Anyway

So you’ve found The One. The person who makes you feel weightless and grounded at the same time. You laugh, you cry, you finish each other’s sentences… until that dreaded issue brings you crashing down from cloud nine: who’s paying for dinner. In this modern world of supposed equality, the answer is seemingly simple: you… Read More »


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