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The Only Back-to-School Fashion Tip You’ll Ever Need

I don’t care if I’m in my 30s: back-to-school commercials still fill me with an odd mix of happiness and dread that only a nine-year-old can understand. Happiness, because I can recall the unmistakable odour of new binders at my family’s local Canadian Tire where my mom turned into a back-to-school-shopping ninja after years of… Read More »


Your Ultimate Labour Day Long Weekend

Labour day is upon us, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll pack as much summer as humanly possible into those last, precious three days. Here, we’ve aggregated a summer’s worth of SDTC fun. Consider this your ultimate checklist. See you on the other side. 1. Fill your home with fresh flowers. 2. Head… Read More »

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Depression and Me: Understanding That Not Everyone Understands

It seems fitting to me that a man who, in life, sometimes couldn’t seem to stop talking, has, in death, incited so much dialogue. You know who I mean. Anne spoke about Robin Williams and the grieving process in her wonderful post yesterday, noting the touching tributes that have already been written. A lot of these… Read More »

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Dealing with Impostor Syndrome

Most of the people who’ve saved my life don’t know it. Some were babies who have fallen asleep in my arms, keeping dark thoughts at bay. Some were artists I’ll never meet. Some were friends who inadvertently said or did just the right thing at the right moment. And I often wonder about all these… Read More »


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