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How to Listen Like You Mean it (Hint: It’s Not About You)

“You haven’t spoken to anyone yet today, have you?” my girlfriend asked me one afternoon. “No, why?” I answered “Because you won’t shut the hell up.” It would seem that as a result of spending most of my days working solo, I’ve begun to have long conversations with the public at large, including but not… Read More »


City Biking 101

This year, you’ve decided to do it. You’re going to buy a bike and, darnit, you’re gonna ride it. But wait a minute. There are a few things you need to know before you get peddling. Toronto streets are no joke, especially when you’re a cycling amateur. Avoid streetcar tracks. Streetcar tracks are just the… Read More »

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Let It Go: How To Clean Out Your Mind Palace

“Get over it.” Ugh. This seems a little outdated, amiright? Easier in a simpler time, when life didn’t have a continuous touchstone to the past, the present, the Insta—and all the people you met & loved along the way. And just in case you’re not over it, never fear! There’s an entire feed dedicated to… Read More »


8 Bizarre Discoveries I’ve Made Since I became a Mom

1. New moms use feet like they’re hands. I’ve become quite good at picking things up with my feet. If Baby Boo is having a day where he only wants to be held by me, and will only fall asleep on me, then I find myself constantly grabbing things with my feet and toes. iPhone, blankie,… Read More »


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