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Hoda Paripoush, Tea Sommelier and founder of Sloane Tea Company

Until we met Hoda Paripoush, we never knew there was such a thing as a tea sommelier. Very cool indeed, but that is hardly the most impressive accomplishment on Hoda’s extraordinary resume. Named after London’s posh square, Hoda is the founder of Sloane Tea, a luxury loose leaf tea brand that is sold in gourmet… Read More »

Kate Ferguson, Owner/President, Unleashed in the City

Kate Ferguson is the owner and president of Unleashed in the City, a west-end Doggie Care service that offers walks, playcare and boarding to lovable pooches. Unleased focuses on getting to know each client (both furry and human), and provides dogs with the stimulation they need to be happy, healthy and well-behaved. Kate is also… Read More »

Kate More, Sommelier

Kate More is a Level 2 Sommelier and a Sales Representative for Charton Hobbs, a Canadian distributor of premium spirits, wine and beer, namely the Luis Vuitton – Moët Hennessy portfolio. Her role is to represent and sell a wide range of international wines and premium spirits to fine dining restaurants and bars.

Jessica Delee, Designer, Buyer, Stylist, and founder of RoseRags

Jessica Delee is the founder and designer behind RoseRags, an upcycled line of fresh separates. When she’s not crafting her incredibly wearable designs, she’s working as a wardrobe stylist, and as an assistant buyer at a store in San Diego, California that showcases local designers. You can find RoseRags on Facebook here, and Twitter here. What… Read More »

Daniella Gullo, Community Manager at Pulp & Fiber Inc.

In 2011, Daniella Gullo approached Pulp & Fiber, one of Toronto’s leading marketing agencies, with a strategy to turn the company’s social engagement and awareness to the next level. The bold pitch worked, and Gullo now heads up an entirely new department, based on her vision, representing clients like Scarpetta, The Thompson Hotel, and more.… Read More »