A Q&A with filmmaker of Status Quo? The Unfinished Business of Feminism In Canada

Karen Cho is a Canadian filmmaker born and raised in Montreal. Her production company, Imagination Works, specializes in documentary, fiction, and social media creations. Karen believes that media can be used as a forum for social debate, and uses film to discuss issues of immigration, activism, personal relationships, self identity, and social justice. Her latest film, Status Quo? The… Read More »

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Hot Docs Festival 2012: An interview with Tiffany Sudela-Junker, mother and co-director of Adrien Grenier-produced My Name is Faith

When the Junkers adopted Brianna and her younger brother, the two children had been living in a meth lab with a known pedophile, going door to door in their neighbourhood begging for food. While the Junkers dreamt of giving these two lost kids a good home, the trauma of their past was impossible to shake.… Read More »

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