Hot Docs 2012: A review of Life in Stills

Life in Stills is a story about a grandson and grandmother running a legendary photo shop in Tel Aviv. Ben and 96-year-old Miriam keep his grandfather Rudi Weissenstein’s legend as a famous photographer alive with a fury of bickering, tenderness, and hard work. But developers want to knock down their shop and build. Miriam, naturally,… Read More »

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Hot Docs Festival 2012: A review of Sexy Baby

Porn is unavoidable on the net, and this doc asks if young girls are capable of distinguishing a sense of self from the hypersexualized alter ego they so often show off on Facebook. How influential is the porn industry in shaping the identity of young women and their understanding of sexual relationships?

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Hot Docs Festival 2012: A Review of Finding North

One of the latest in a series of “99%” documentaries, Finding North explores poverty in America through one of its best-kept national secrets: its malnutrition epidemic. For Americans, it means one in six will experience food insecurity at some point in life. For Canadians, that means the stereotype that so tenuously separates us from them—the Fat American—no… Read More »

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